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The workshop is fully equipped with all the tools to work on modern vehicles. Adjoining the workshop is a full engineering shop where we fix and fabricate. Customers can bring in small repairs from a shovel handle to manufacturing brackets/trailers.

mta.pngMotor Trade Association
Birchall and Maunder are registered with the Ministry of Transport to administer WOFs but have been members of MTA for 27 years. This adds value to our customers, following guidelines set out to MTA's industry standards.


liquid_moly.pngLiqui Moly
We use the Liqui Moly range of oils, additives and repair & service products. These are high quality, award-winning products specially formulated to optimise vehicle performance.

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Warrant of Fitness (WOF)

Stay legal. Stay safe.

Keeping our customers safe on NZ roads is our priority. Our highly trained technicians carry out thorough warrant vehicle checks to ensure your vehicle is in roadworthy condition. This includes checking the brakes, lights, indicators, seatbelts, wipers, suspension, exhaust, tires, steering, structural chassis condition, rust and corrosion. Any repairs or maintenance work will be bought to your attention in the warrant report. Repairs can then be scheduled and once complete a warrant of fitness can be issued. We will send you a reminder when your next warrant is due so you can book it in ahead of due date for a check.

Mechanical Repairs

Keeping your vehicle in tiptop condition

Out team of highly qualified technicians can carry out all aspects of mechanical repairs, from replacement of engine components, steering, brakes and suspension parts to complete overhaul of your engine. All work is quoted ahead of time for your peace of mind and knowledgable advice given. We encourage our customers do carry out preventative maintenance to ensure your car stays on the road.

Auto Electrical

Finding and fixing electrical faults

We offer a full auto electrical service. Many electrical faults can be easily diagnosed and solved. Checking alternators, voltage regulators, fuses, battery and charging systems. From changing light bulbs to rewiring and fixing electric window controls, wipers, and other electrical components. Modern cars have sophisticated electrical systems and our technicians are trained to find and remedy most common electrical issues.

Air Conditioning

Because driver comfort matters

We offer an air conditioning service so that your AC system works efficiently in winter and summer.

We also identify the needs of annual pollen filter replacements. This is important to allergy sufferers - such as allergies to dogs, flowers etc...


Troubleshooting and faultfinding

We have a full range of diagnostic scanning equipment which is plugged in to your car and alerts us to any fault codes for components or function of your car that are not working correctly. Some codes are there to warn you of service issues or mechanical faults. All modern vehicles use very complex computer management. Scanning often warns us of pending problems which we can sort out before your car is off the road. This is a relatively quick process and makes servicing and basic engine maitenance much simpler.


Fuel Efficiency

Squeezing out more efficiency

Our diagnostic equipment tests exhaust gases for perfect combustion processes and pinpoints faults in the engine management system. This means your car runs at optimal fuel efficiency and saving can be up to $1000 per annum on a 2 litre petrol vehicle.


Helping to reduce engine wear

Birchall and Maunder supply and use Liqui Moly range of lubricants and fluids. Modern vehicles require specific oils and lubricants to reduce engine wear and optimal operation of braking and cooling systems. It is always important to warm up your vehicle before driving it as this allows oil to circulate inside the engine and this protects engine wear.

Annual Service

Regular service = optimal performance

When you book your car in for it’s annual service we go through your cars various systems check and replace oils, fluids, filters. As well as replace and maintain any components that are worn out or need repairing. Regular servicing prevents major failures and mean your car will remain reliable and roadworthy. Many vehicle must be serviced regularly to maintain vehicle warranty. Out technicians are highly trained to diagnose and identify issues thus avoiding costly larger repairs down the track. Areas where components are wearing regularly are brakes, tyres, wiper blades.


Recalibrating vehicle systems

All modern cars have many Autonomous Driver Assistance Systems. These are ABS braking, Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Parking, Heads up Displays, Navigation systems, Reversing Cameras, Collision Avoidance, Blind spot cameras, Autonomous braking, Stability control, Forward collision warning. Lane control, Parking assistance, Pedestrian protection, Traction control to name a few. Our highly trained technicians are qualified to carry out camera recalibration and fault diagnostics and repairs on all ADAS systems in your car.

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